Now Selling Middle Tennessee…

Tennessee has been discovered by the world..

From the birthplace of Country Music, to the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators barely missing out of their first NHL Stanley Cup Title and being the only state in our great nation that touches 9 other states and we are so centrally located within the United States.. Nashville has been exploding with growth at rate of 100 people per day for a year or so now.. That’s over 36,000 new inhabitants per year and Nashville, Davidson county doesn’t have room for all of them!

What does all this mean for Shelbyville,TN?

It means get ready for more people and home prices to continue to rise. Our inventory is at an all time low and that means prices are going to go up. Our new construction is very limited right now so anything new is absorbed as soon as it’s built and ready to go. This growth is from all angles with commercial property having activity as well as , new business moving into our small town. Realtors are hoppin’ these days because there’s no time to waste and the market will not always be like it is right now.

I’m enjoying this as long as i can..

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It’s Auction Time in Middle Tennessee!!!

Auctions are something that we offer our clients and we have since the beginning of Craig and Wheeler. Since 1973 one of the options we’ve given our clients was the auction method to sell their real estate and personal property too if they wanted. Auctions are such a regional thing, in some parts of the US they don’t even have auctions and over time it’s becoming more and more accepted as a fantastic way to sell property at a very fast pace, easy transaction and market or above market values. In the spring we typically start booking auctions every weekend and it’s does not typically slow down until late fall.

Auctions are normally 20% down the day of the sale and closing will occur within 30 days of the sale.. Inspections are allowed prior to the sale however we sell them all AS-IS. We do auctions for many different situations and not all properties are auction ready.. We help families settle estates, liquidations, foreclosures for banks, divorce situations and just when someone has tried selling with general brokerage and is ready to put it on the block. More times than not, we’ve seen properties bring more at a public absolute auction than it ever would selling on the MLS via general brokerage.. There’s urgency to buy at an auction, Auctions draw so much more attention, the property sells faster, and you negotiate up, not down and there’s very little holding costs and liability is less because once it’s sold it will close within 30 days or before.Appraisals are not an issue nor is financing because all of that will be done prior to the buyers even bidding.

Auctions are fun and exciting and we hope to see you soon at one of ours.. Sold Sold Sold….

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