Middle Tennessee Market update and Activity

The Bedford County and Middle Tennessee Market has enjoyed the motion and stirring of the $8000 tax credit that is about to expire in just 2 days… It’s given people that were sitting on that proverbial fence a reason to get serious and start making offers and buying property… The market has improved and is showing signs of recovery. Shelbyville is still seeing some commercial growth and the State Hwy. 437 By pass is under construction and should be a huge shot in the arm for the area… The foreclosures are out there and until they are absorbed into the general market , the house prices are still seeing some decline.. Our auctions are doing very well and property sold at auction is a direct appraisal of the market for that second in time… It’s worth what someone is willing to give, is a comment that my late grandfather, Auburn Wheeler used to always say and that still rings true.. Even more-so in a down market… Shelbyville is sitting in a great position for growth and new jobs on the horizon.. 2010 is going to be a much stronger year than 2009, and seems to be moving in the right direction… Stay in touch and please feel free to call any of our top-gun agents to assist you in your real estate needs

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