Soil and Perc Testing: An Important Part of Purchasing Property in Middle, TN

The real estate market is booming across the country, in states with different kinds of environments and communities. Not the least of which is Tennessee, with thousands of people arriving monthly to find new homes. However, in the rush to buy a new house, these people may not conduct soil and perc testing.

This is an important part of the home buying process and can give you vital insight into the area. It can give you information about the home’s stability while also telling you if the land is good for growing. If it is, you may need to deal with roots invading your foundation or movement.

Keep reading below to learn more about perc testing and soil testing in Middle Tennessee!

Reach Out to Experts Before Buying — The Vols!

Tennessee is a unique state with many different amenities and regions. East Tennessee features mountains and lush landscapes, while West Tennessee is on the Mississippi River. And in Middle Tennessee regions like Shelbyville and Wartrace, there are flat landscapes filled with all kinds of beauty.

Before you buy a home here, you may want to reach out to experts about what that ground holds. Many people come to Tennessee for more than just a home. They may hope to start a farm or grow personal harvests on their own land.

To do that successfully, you need to know how rich the soil is. That’s what the University of Tennessee is here for! With a new campaign ensuring they have a presence in every county, you can connect with a soil expert easily to learn more about the ground.

What is Perc Testing? It Guarantees Your Safety

When experts start soil testing for real estate, they make many kinds of readings. If they dig up Middle Tennessee’s soil, they will find a lot of shale, chert, and limestone. This is unique for the region — surrounding areas of the state have clay or marble in their soil.

Perc testing is also meant to make sure that a home won’t move too much as time goes on. Among other things, it measures its water absorbency. The more water it takes in, the more the soil underneath your home may gradually move.

Middle Tennessee soil is not very absorbent, made up of mostly hard rocks. Compared to areas like East Tennessee, it’s one of the best places to build a new home!

Middle Tennessee Real Estate Is Booming, For Reasons Other Than Soil

Real estate markets in Murfreesboro, Lynchburg, Tullahoma are all seeing an influx of homebuyers. People from all across the country, including big cities like New York City and Chicago, are flocking to Tennessee. They want to experience the state’s natural beauty while enjoying the company of the state’s communities.

That means the time to buy a home in Middle Tennessee is now! Prices will only continue rising, and fewer homes will be available for purchase as time goes on. Just because you should act fast doesn’t mean you should overlook important home inspection steps, though.

Make sure to get your soil tested when buying a new home, to make sure it’s safe, and to make sure your home will be stable.

Soil Testing Is An Overlooked Part of Buying a Home

When most people start looking for a new home in a new state, they overlook some things. Most of the time, they focus on examining the foundation and the appliances. They may overlook the soil and perc testing, even though it can be so advantageous.

With this kind of testing, you can gain insight into the stability of your home. You can also learn about the viability of the land, in case you want to start a garden. That’s why you need an experienced REALTOR®, who knows not to overlook these parts of the process.

If you’re ready to settle down in Middle Tennessee, just reach out to me here!