Your Guide to Home Inspections and How to Work Them In or Out of Your Deal

It may seem like the Middle Tennessee real estate market has cooled down after recent floods, but it’s still hot as ever. The rain could not cool down how much people want to buy homes in Chapel Hill, Murfreesboro, and Shelbyville. They have made home inspections more important, though.

Recently, some new homeowners have chosen to forego getting a home inspection. Many believe it helps them close a deal on a home faster, beating out the competition. However, this can come at an incredible cost and they can end up regretting their decision.

Make sure you get a home inspection! Keep reading below to learn more about how to get it into the deal.

The Middle Tennessee Real Estate Market is Hot

As a result of federal subsidies for first-time homeowners, the housing market in Middle Tennessee is orange-hot. Homes are not staying on the market for long, and many people are buying them without even seeing them firsthand. It’s possibly the worst decision anyone could make as a homebuyer.

The state has recently experienced flooding in Humphrey County and beyond, affecting nearby areas like Wartrace and Lynchburg. The rains could have had a severe impact on homes. People could be buying homes with water damage just so they have a house.

That’s the importance of home inspections — they keep you from accidentally buying a damaged home. No matter how hot the market is, you’ll end up in more heat buying a damaged home.

Expect a Home Inspection From the Start

The best way to negotiate a home inspection when closing on a house is to expect it from the get-go. Right when you make an offer, it should include the expectation that the home will be inspected. If you’re smart, you can even ask the homeowner to pay for it.

If you have a mortgage, your bank may even require you to get a home inspection. Luckily, many provide services to connect you with inspectors who will ensure the house is in good shape. And by telling sellers that the bank requires the home to be inspected, you can guarantee one will be done.

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Discuss Repairing Issues Found in Inspections

After getting your new home inspected, you may want to discuss how to repair issues they find in it. Sometimes, owners may expect the buyer to repair it themselves. If this is the case, you can always negotiate a lower selling price to help cover the cost.

It’s much better to get the home repaired before moving in, though. If you negotiate with the owner to repair it, you will save yourself a whole lot of stress. Nobody wants to move in as contractors demolish walls and crawl through your new rooms.

After repairs are done, it’s best to get the home inspected again too. That way, you can make sure they were done right!

Never Skip Out On Home Inspections in Middle Tennessee

Home inspections usually are not even negotiable when closing on a home. However, the intensity of the Middle Tennessee real estate market has called even the most basic parts of the home-buying process into question.

It’s best to have a realtor at your side who can navigate all the complexities with you. Realtors will work to get you the home of your dreams, going brick-by-brick to get you what you deserve. And to connect with an experienced Middle Tennessee realtor, just reach out here.