Negotiations Today vs. 10 Years Ago

In movies, contract negotiations can be full of tense dialogues and heart-pounding moments. With thousands of dollars on the table, people may refuse to budge when it comes to getting what they want. In real estate though, it’s not as dramatic as shown in the movies.

That’s because the way home purchase negotiations are done has changed. With new technology and a booming market, Middle Tennessee negotiations are less tense. Some may even call them fun.

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Negotiations Are All About Who You Know

In real estate, negotiations are an important part of getting a deal both parties are okay with. It’s about describing what each person wants out of the deal, and making sure steps are taken to make sure it happens. A decade ago, and still today, negotiations boil down to who you know.

If you are undergoing a mid-west relocation, for example, you may not know many people in Middle Tennessee. The difference between Unionville and Union County could be lost on you. And that would put you at a disadvantage compared to people who have long histories in the area.

A Decade Ago, Personal Connections Were Everything

10 years ago, Middle Tennessee was still a growing community that did not have many eyes on it, unlike now. Real estate in Shelbyville was all about who you knew, and how well you knew them. Most of the time, contractors and real estate agents knew each other on a first-name basis.

This was part of what clients were buying when they hired a real estate agent. They were purchasing access to a well-developed network of professional colleagues. These colleagues would then help a home sale progress, crafting a deal that helped everyone.

Middle Tennessee Real Estate Is All About Community

Even today, Middle Tennessee is all about community. After you settle down in regions like Chapel Hill and Tullahoma, you will get to know more than just who your neighbors are. You’ll eventually learn about who your representatives are, who the sheriff is, and even spot local celebrities in the grocery store.

These communities are tight-knit, and buying a home in them makes you a part of them.

Now, Negotiations Can Be Done Virtually

The biggest difference now compared to 2011 is all the new technology available for home buyers and real estate agents. Large parts of negotiations can be done virtually, and contracts can be signed on the computer. You may never even need to see the owner of a home in person to buy a house.

This is part of why so many people from bigger cities are moving to Middle Tennessee. They don’t need to travel before physically moving to the area. The process is streamlined and easier, and people can negotiate terms from the comfort of their computer.

Plus, you can send awesome emojis while discussing terms!

Making a Home Sale Means Conducting Negotiations

No matter what kind of home you are hoping to buy, you will need to go through negotiations. The actual process can be challenging and complex, and first-time homebuyers may be confused by it. That’s why it helps to have an expert at your side.

Just reach out if you’re thinking about moving to Middle Tennessee! We’ll work with you and other homeowners to make sure you get what you want!


Your Guide to Home Inspections and How to Work Them In or Out of Your Deal

It may seem like the Middle Tennessee real estate market has cooled down after recent floods, but it’s still hot as ever. The rain could not cool down how much people want to buy homes in Chapel Hill, Murfreesboro, and Shelbyville. They have made home inspections more important, though.

Recently, some new homeowners have chosen to forego getting a home inspection. Many believe it helps them close a deal on a home faster, beating out the competition. However, this can come at an incredible cost and they can end up regretting their decision.

Make sure you get a home inspection! Keep reading below to learn more about how to get it into the deal.

The Middle Tennessee Real Estate Market is Hot

As a result of federal subsidies for first-time homeowners, the housing market in Middle Tennessee is orange-hot. Homes are not staying on the market for long, and many people are buying them without even seeing them firsthand. It’s possibly the worst decision anyone could make as a homebuyer.

The state has recently experienced flooding in Humphrey County and beyond, affecting nearby areas like Wartrace and Lynchburg. The rains could have had a severe impact on homes. People could be buying homes with water damage just so they have a house.

That’s the importance of home inspections — they keep you from accidentally buying a damaged home. No matter how hot the market is, you’ll end up in more heat buying a damaged home.

Expect a Home Inspection From the Start

The best way to negotiate a home inspection when closing on a house is to expect it from the get-go. Right when you make an offer, it should include the expectation that the home will be inspected. If you’re smart, you can even ask the homeowner to pay for it.

If you have a mortgage, your bank may even require you to get a home inspection. Luckily, many provide services to connect you with inspectors who will ensure the house is in good shape. And by telling sellers that the bank requires the home to be inspected, you can guarantee one will be done.

living room with modern white kitchen and foyer

Discuss Repairing Issues Found in Inspections

After getting your new home inspected, you may want to discuss how to repair issues they find in it. Sometimes, owners may expect the buyer to repair it themselves. If this is the case, you can always negotiate a lower selling price to help cover the cost.

It’s much better to get the home repaired before moving in, though. If you negotiate with the owner to repair it, you will save yourself a whole lot of stress. Nobody wants to move in as contractors demolish walls and crawl through your new rooms.

After repairs are done, it’s best to get the home inspected again too. That way, you can make sure they were done right!

Never Skip Out On Home Inspections in Middle Tennessee

Home inspections usually are not even negotiable when closing on a home. However, the intensity of the Middle Tennessee real estate market has called even the most basic parts of the home-buying process into question.

It’s best to have a realtor at your side who can navigate all the complexities with you. Realtors will work to get you the home of your dreams, going brick-by-brick to get you what you deserve. And to connect with an experienced Middle Tennessee realtor, just reach out here.


How to Navigate Appraisals During a Home Transaction

This Middle TN Home Appraisal came out Higher than Asking!

Whether you’re buying a house outright or you’re getting a mortgage, home appraisals are an important part of the process. They provide important information about the home value. They help make sure houses are closed with everyone satisfied.

They also make sure buyers don’t spend too much on a house. If an appraisal is much lower than a bid, lenders may even decrease the amount they’re willing to give buyers.

Keep reading below to learn more about how important appraisals are, and how they can help you bid smartly on a home. Continue reading

California & West Coast Migration to Middle TN

How Do People Moving From California and Other States to Tennessee Affect the Local Real Estate Market?

With a moderate climate, low cost of living, and natural beauty, Tennessee Real Estate is some of the most coveted in the United States. Whether you are making a home purchase or a home sale, it is important to know how this relocation will affect your TN property values.

Keep reading below to take a deep dive into the great migration from California to Tennessee and how it affects our Middle TN Real Estate Market.
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Now Selling Middle Tennessee…

Tennessee has been discovered by the world..

From the birthplace of Country Music, to the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators barely missing out of their first NHL Stanley Cup Title and being the only state in our great nation that touches 9 other states and we are so centrally located within the United States.. Nashville has been exploding with growth at rate of 100 people per day for a year or so now.. That’s over 36,000 new inhabitants per year and Nashville, Davidson county doesn’t have room for all of them!

What does all this mean for Shelbyville,TN?

It means get ready for more people and home prices to continue to rise. Our inventory is at an all time low and that means prices are going to go up. Our new construction is very limited right now so anything new is absorbed as soon as it’s built and ready to go. This growth is from all angles with commercial property having activity as well as , new business moving into our small town. Realtors are hoppin’ these days because there’s no time to waste and the market will not always be like it is right now.

I’m enjoying this as long as i can..

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It’s Auction Time in Middle Tennessee!!!

Auctions are something that we offer our clients and we have since the beginning of Craig and Wheeler. Since 1973 one of the options we’ve given our clients was the auction method to sell their real estate and personal property too if they wanted. Auctions are such a regional thing, in some parts of the US they don’t even have auctions and over time it’s becoming more and more accepted as a fantastic way to sell property at a very fast pace, easy transaction and market or above market values. In the spring we typically start booking auctions every weekend and it’s does not typically slow down until late fall.

Auctions are normally 20% down the day of the sale and closing will occur within 30 days of the sale.. Inspections are allowed prior to the sale however we sell them all AS-IS. We do auctions for many different situations and not all properties are auction ready.. We help families settle estates, liquidations, foreclosures for banks, divorce situations and just when someone has tried selling with general brokerage and is ready to put it on the block. More times than not, we’ve seen properties bring more at a public absolute auction than it ever would selling on the MLS via general brokerage.. There’s urgency to buy at an auction, Auctions draw so much more attention, the property sells faster, and you negotiate up, not down and there’s very little holding costs and liability is less because once it’s sold it will close within 30 days or before.Appraisals are not an issue nor is financing because all of that will be done prior to the buyers even bidding.

Auctions are fun and exciting and we hope to see you soon at one of ours.. Sold Sold Sold….

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Fun Time Fishing in Alaska

Hello and thanks for checking out our blog… Right now is one of the best times in the past 20 years to purchase a home. There is the $8000 Tax Credit from the government, there is a lot of good inventory out there to choose from, Banks have foreclosed homes that are typically priced below market norms and interest rates are still very low..

For a renter, or first time homebuyer, now is the time to get off that “fence” and call your realtor of choice and start looking for your new home. There’s no excuse now, not to buy a home. It’s easy to do with the proper guidance and with a little effort you can educate yourself very quickly to the market and what things are “worth.”

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Middle Tennessee Market update and Activity

The Bedford County and Middle Tennessee Market has enjoyed the motion and stirring of the $8000 tax credit that is about to expire in just 2 days… It’s given people that were sitting on that proverbial fence a reason to get serious and start making offers and buying property… The market has improved and is showing signs of recovery. Shelbyville is still seeing some commercial growth and the State Hwy. 437 By pass is under construction and should be a huge shot in the arm for the area… The foreclosures are out there and until they are absorbed into the general market , the house prices are still seeing some decline.. Our auctions are doing very well and property sold at auction is a direct appraisal of the market for that second in time… It’s worth what someone is willing to give, is a comment that my late grandfather, Auburn Wheeler used to always say and that still rings true.. Even more-so in a down market… Shelbyville is sitting in a great position for growth and new jobs on the horizon.. 2010 is going to be a much stronger year than 2009, and seems to be moving in the right direction… Stay in touch and please feel free to call any of our top-gun agents to assist you in your real estate needs

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