Preparing Your Home for My Photographer’s Visit

This guide was written by my photographer, specifically for my homeowners who are listing their home with me – staging and preparing can make an incredible difference in the final images that my real estate photographer captures. No matter how skilled and experienced, a photographer simply cannot magically declutter and stage your home the way it deserves, so make sure to follow these steps in order to maximize the final images and video captured to market your home and get the best offers and attention possible – – –


Preparing for Property Photo Shoot

I love what I do and if you’ve just received this guide, I’m planning to come document your home as soon as you’re ready to have me come shoot it – and in most cases, when the weather plays best in our favor! 

Just some suggestions, and information to help answer some of the questions you may have about what to expect when I come to photograph, create a walking video tour, capture a 3d virtual tour, or any similar services discussed.

  • I will be photographing both the inside and outside of your home.
  • If you have special features of your home that are not obvious, please let me know about these so I can determine if they need to be included in the shoot.
  • I’ll be photographing all of the major rooms but NOT closets or storage spaces (unless requested)
  • We normally do not photograph the garage unless it has special features.
  • De-clutter rooms which may be excessively furnished or are difficult to navigate as these do not photograph as well when the furniture takes up most of the floor space.
  • Clear personal items:
    •  off counter tops 
    • in bathroom areas
    • from kitchen counters 

  • Remove all magnets, photos, notes and papers from the refrigerator.
  • Turn on all interior lights. We may turn off when shooting, but easier to turn off than on for our purposes.
  • Turn ceiling fans and televisions off.
  • Open blinds if view out windows is natural/pleasing.
  • Please contain pets in the garage or out of sight.
  • Remove all vehicles from driveways and do not park directly in front of the house.
  • Move garbage cans out of sight.
  • Remove all garden tools including hoses and sprinklers.
  • Mow and rake yard.
  • Sweep or blow off driveways, sidewalks and patios.

If you’ve done all this and still want to make your house the best it can be for the shoot, the next best thing you can do is make sure that all the light bulbs in your main rooms are all the same COLOR (bulbs show their color in degrees KELVIN ie: 3000k or 5600k) ideally as long as each ROOM has all the same color that’s a start. It doesn’t matter which temperature you use as long as they are the same throughout. (a 4 bulb fixture that uses different styles of bulbs looks bad in photos)

I’m excited to help you with beautiful images of your real estate property.  If you have questions or would like to go ahead let me know when or how soon your home will be ready, feel free to share any helpful information you can think of!

Don Wright 
615-579-1491 cell

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